“Unduly Coercion In Society”

In the 19th century stories were called “Mauchausens” coined after Karl Friedrich Hreronymus and Baron Van Mauchausen. Does the word Maunchausen sound familiar?

Light conversation was introduced in the 18th century and many people will have heard the expression “Tall Talk.” Men would engage in groups and “Small Talk” when in the presence of women.

Author Bernard Shaw and Shakespeare implied that “Talking” was an ineffectual alternative to “Walking.”

”He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches” – George Bernard Shaw (1903)

Yet, nothing seems to define a tradition as distinctly as the use of its language.

“In every chain of reasoning, the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link of the group, whatever maybe the strength of the rest” – Thomas Reid (1986)

We think about many different things both imaginary and experiences and those content in restructuring how others “think, what their beliefs are and how they act” perceive it as dissociable to the agenda.

There are many studies being carried out by researchers, scientists, psychologists and other professionals worldwide to confirm their hypothesis, to assist the wider agenda of the environment we live in. For example by using language to see what isn’t there to alter perception, making people see things that aren’t there known as modulating stimulus. “A flash in your left eye can make an image in the right eye functionally visible.”

What we see and hear can be reshaped. It is a widespread belief that masked stimulation can be used for psychological and psychiatric manipulation.

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Is “Big Brother or Little Brother” watching what you do?

Do you value your free freedom?

The open internet gives society unprecedented opportunities to create, share, discover and communicate. Our free freedom’s should not be taken for granted. But why shouldn’t they?

Under a new proposal to create a system whereby algorithms decide what pieces of text you write , share, audio, video, share-pics or memes  online, is under threat; a “Big Brother is Watching You” is creeping in  faster than people think, unless if you’re one of those who care about your freedoms of “free speech, expression, thoughts, could be harmed.”

This will lead to censorship and is not efficiently limited by strong safeguards to prevent abuses. “Singer Songwriter Sheldon Allman’s song “Big Brother Is Watching You”,  is very apt and quote “ and when you watch that TV screen, remember it’s  it’s looking both ways, you’re dissapear in a wink,  if you don’t double think, you’re vanish into the blue, Big Brother is Watching You.”

The many voices raised over the past months by a variety of stakeholders such as the creator of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, experts from the academia, Wikimedia and human rights group among many others should not be ignored.

Therefore, please take the only common-sense approach possible and contact your MEP and other members of Parliament to stop the proposals to implement upload filters. This is the only way to defend fundamental rights of all citizens world-wide and the interest of creators.

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Shifting Perspectives

There’s moral and political widespread calamity in life that misjudges humanity with it’s set beliefs and ideas that seems determined to shape the boundaries of “right and wrong.” A persons nobility comes from their obligations to the modern morals of the day. Preference prevails; truth doesn’t.
Life does not look back. As C.S Lewis twentieth century’s most influential writer and chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge University discovered that “we live, in a world starved for solitude, silence and privacy, and therefore starved of true friendship.” But, friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy.

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa who held office from 1994-99 and author of
Long walk to Freedom (1994), felt he was “fundamentally an optimistic.” Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Being optimistic is keeping ones head pointed towards the sun, and ones feet moving forwards.”

Albert Einstein once said “Truth is what stands the test of experience.” But truth is a deeper sentiment in human nature.

Neural architecture is commonly being applied as a method of conformity. According to Dr Van der Linden , Dr of Experimental Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science “when a person feels they are being watched,” they will be a better person. Van der Linden demonstrated “when others are watching them,” it has a positive effect. According to Professor Aidan Moran from the University College Dubin School of Psychology “Sport is played with the body but won within the mind.” Eye tracking technology has been used for decades to “shape the mental processes” of althletes and used globally to streamline skills and training. Toyota Canada a leading vehicle manufacturer carried out a study to demonstrate what customers look at when buying a car. They parterned with Tobii Pro Insight Eye Tracking Team to assist their understanding of how customers move, think and communicate.

The study revealed insights into the potential buying power
of customers and to their “generational differences and traditions.”

Some studies have shown that “it doesn’t matter if a person is being gazed upon” as they are more likely to “tidy that bedroom you have told them to do or more likely to put the rubbish in the bin,” than someone not being observed. It matters not wether it’s a shadow on a ceiling or wall that resembles a figure or a perceived set of eyes. As Van der Linden states “All it takes is an image of a pair of human eyes.”

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A Penny For Them

To empty the heart does not mean to not love. Love as God intended it, is pure, with no boundaries, when it is not based on a false attachment. When we occupy our mind, we fill it with purpose, there’s no time for doubting. Peace is not merely an absence of war but an ingredient of human life, and that nuture in time will do away with war as a natural process. We have the right to tell our story, old and new in our own way, because they are our stories. No person is a friend who demands your silence. As I have  experienced, life does not look back, and love offers no place of safety.  To deny a person their human right to freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the gift of communication is to challenge their very humanity. What we experience, is more than a feeling. Adults are good actors, especially those minded to control. There were many dark moments in my life that tested my faith in humanity. There were times of desperation and felt pressure from someone to give myself up to despair and death. It was that very person who taught me all I know about life; that it goes on with or without them. As long as I was thinking and feeling in those terms I could receive the hug I longed for as a kid and the unconditional love a kid assumes will be forthcoming and isn’t. “What does it matter if by force or coercion a persons mind is conditioned by another, awake or asleep?” Some people think they are “in heaven” because of their cleverness and ability to get away with things while wearing a mask of lies. “Resistance is greater when our freedoms of activity are constrained, under which the use of coercion or torture might assist compliance.”  As I have experienced, a person can feel more than just a sensation from afar, particularly in which one person can affect another with intention.

“In this game called life, change is inevitable except from a vending machine.”

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Life’s Musings

True friends see the full picture of your soul. It’s curious that the response to the realism of the existence of life is “the love we share with others” it’s always under the microscopic of inspection. When we lose someone important to us, it wakes you to the deeper depths of our hearts. Our memories and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us in time of need.

Some families are messy. At best we can remind ourselves “we’re related.” As I experienced,the very people who are meant to keep you from harm are the very people who break you; they walk away and you let go. You’re dignity gets mocked, and mind toyed with.”

The grief grabs hold of your every emotion and thought though we can recall that every second, every hour being more precious than the last. The very essence of our existence, so imperfect, the ache is always there. “You get used to the weight, how it hold’s you, emotionally and physically, until you let go.” I was already broken. I had to light my own way out of its darkness. I learnt to be “a light inside my own lamp.” A clergyman  said to me once “God sees and we hear what he needs to know.” There is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged, however slight we become unwitting victims of the darkness. Wether your a believer of a particular faith, religion or not, the feelings are the same. If you have ever lost someone important then you can empathise in knowing how it feels. If you haven’t lost anything, you can’t possibly imagine it.